T8200PRO-G: LF/HF Resonance Frequency Tester

Key Features

  • 1. Able to test both LF and HF bands(test items: resonance frequency, attenuation, quality factor: reading ID)
  • 2. Able to test the transmission or the reflection characteristics (a directional coupled is incorporated)
  • 3. Test results, waveforms are written to a log file automatically


Main Unit

Test Probe

Test results are saved automatically with the csv format.

Test Principle

With the test probe magnetically coupled with the device under test(Smart Card, RFID tag),
the frequency response (transmission or reflection) is measured.


  • ● Resonance frequency test for contactless smart cards and RFID tags
  • ● Resonance frequency test for RFID reader/writer antennas
  • ● Testing the self-resonance frequency of coils used for wireless power supply equipments


Test Principle
Contactless resonance frequency measurement with magnetic coupling
Measuring Mode
Transmission / reflection characteristics
Test Items
Resonance frequency, attenuation, quality factor: reading ID(UID, IDm)
Protocol note 1)
ISO14443A(MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight): UID
FeliCa: IDm
ISO15693(Tag-it HF-I Plus/Pro, I・CODE SLIX2): UID
Data points
100~2048 points
Test Time (data points=1000) note 2)
without ID reading:0.5 sec(typ)
with ID reading:1 sec(typ)
Log File
log file(csv):
time, ID, PASS/FAIL, resonance frequency, attenuation, Q factor
waveform format:csv, jpg
Frequency Range
10 kHz ~ 100 MHz
Applied Power (@50Ω load)
-30~+15 dBm
DIO Interface (optional)
Absolute ratings of DIO terminals
Input: forward current 50mA, Output: forward voltage 80V, reverse voltage 7V,
forward current 50mA
System Requirements
PC(OS): Windows7, Windows 8.1, Windows10
≥ USB2.0
Power Supply
USB bus power(current consumption ≤ 500mA)
Attached Accessories
Main unit, USB cable, coaxial cable(500mm x2)、 Windows install CD
dimensions weight
125(W)×165(D)×40(H) mm, protrusion not included, 0.8kg

note 1)This equipment is not an RFID reader/writer. It's not designed to evaluate the communication performance of the device
under test. Depending on characteristics of the device under test, it might not be possible to read the UID.
note 2)Test time depends on the PC used, settings of this equipment and characteristics of the device under test.
※ Appearance, specifications are subject to change without notice.